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Bakgården Restaurant | Cafe | Bar - virtual tour

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Our meals are made from the heart in our Greek kitchen. The chef has selected the finest ingredients to ensure the taste of Greece. The traditional dishes are created using recipes carried down for many generations by our chef and maître`d, who have many years of experience from their restaurant in the village of Kalives in Crete. The passion for the flavor of the Mediterranean flows through the flavor of every dish. The fantastic taste of fresh ingredients and spices carry us on a journey to the very south of Europe.
The atmosphere in the restaurant is that of a traditional Greece, with olives, feta and homemade bread. We invite our guests into our backyard for a little piece of Greece, where one can be inspired by the ambience and menu. The taste will take you far, far away to a little island in the deep blue Mediterranean.
Welcome to our Greek Backyard!